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This is what I call “Value-Driven-Marketing!”

This is what I call “Value-Driven-Marketing!”

Posted by admin | January 3, 2019 | MARKETING REMEDY

Anyone that knows me, knows that my motto is to give value first. Always give expecting nothing in return.
I wholeheartedly believe the words of Christ, that say “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”
Today I came across a Marketer promoting a new book “POW Right between the eyes! Profiting from the POWER of SURPRISE.”Pow! Right Between the Eyes: Profiting from the Power of Surprise

First of all, I think this is a great title.

It grabbed my attention right away. Here is an example of an author that UNDERSTANDS the importance of giving value first. Up to an hour ago, I didn’t know his name. I was not aware that he was a popular and well-followed blogger. The fact that he was prepared to give 200 bloggers a copy of his new book, gave me and many others an incentive to take the time to get to know who he is, what his “expertise”  is and why I should read his book. This is what I call WISDOM at it’s best.

He made me stop in the midst of my busy day because there was something in it for me. I spent a few minutes on his site and decided to add it to my favorite to view later.

The average business owner, entrepreneur, or marketer, doesn’t understand that you need to give value up front to build a relationship. Marketing is and will always be about the relationship because it is said that “people buy from people they like, know and trust.”

Andy Nulman is giving away 200 free copies of his book, Pow! Right Between the Eyes: Profiting from the Power of Surprise to any legitimate blogger who wants one and who writes that request on their blog.  No strings attached.
What a great way to get a viral marketing campaign going, build allies for his book and create a buzz. With the links to his site from 200+ bloggers, his site will be better optimised for the search engines. You can’t put a value on this!
This is a great marketing campaign that I believe will be overlooked by the unlearned and untrained marketer.

Congratulations Andy, on your Marketing Campaign and Promotion. I wish you much success. You have given me a few great ideas.  I look forward to receiving a copy of your book ASAP!

Check out the offer for yourself – here:
To find out more about the book, visit Andy’s site:
If you would like to purchase a copy from AMAZON, click on Pow! Right Between the Eyes: Profiting from the Power of Surprise
I look forward to reading my copy!
Andy, please send it to the address below:

My address is:
Sean Isaacs
1680 Deer Path Road
Easton, PA 18040


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