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Make a 6 figure income Writing & Publishing your own books!

Make a 6 figure income Writing & Publishing your own books!

Posted by admin | January 5, 2019 | FINANCES, MARKETING REMEDY

Make a 6 figure income Writing & Publishing your own books!
From the Live-Recession-Proof-Now audio series!
Part 1
Today, I begin a series of articles on How to make a 6 figure income Writing and Publishing your own book; But not for the reasons that you may think.
There was a time that I thought, “I would like to write a book someday”, with the hope and dream of selling 1000’s of copies of my “NY Times Bestseller”.
My motivations for writing and publishing have since changed. Research and experience have taught me that though it is possible to sell 1000’s of copies of a book – and many authors do – most authors, self-published or otherwise, never sell more than 10,000 copies. If you do the math, there is not much money to be made in selling 10,000 copies of any book.
So why write a book? Some basic reasons for writing and publishing your own book are:

  • It is one of the easiest ways to Supplement or replace your income
  • It is a skilful way to grow any business
  • It is a simple way to develop a massive product & service line
  • It is a natural way to Sell lots of products
  • It is an effortless way to Promote your services
  • It is a practical way to Live Recession-Proof Now!

During my many years as a Business Growth & Marketing Specialist, I have met hundreds of aspiring authors with dreams of one day writing a book. This should not be a surprise. Almost everyone has a desire to write and reveal something to the world.
Unfortunately, for most of these aspiring authors, the desire to write and publish a book never moves from aspiration to motivation and then a completed project.
There are many reasons for the gap between knowing or desiring and doing. However, time would not permit me to get into why this is so. For insight into the human dilemma of “knowing and doing”, take a look at my article series entitled “knowledge is Power – Debunked!”
Without getting into Psychobabble or giving the impression that I am smarter than I am, one of the ways to conquer complacency, procrastination and slothfulness – one of the reasons for the “gap” between knowing and doing – is to uncover or discover a big enough WHY.
A big WHY is what moves individuals from a wish or want, to getting things done!
It was a big why that motivated Thomas Edison to launch 14 companies, including General Electric, and persevere through 1000’s of disappointments to eventually develop the patent that improved on the light bulb and provide it for home use.
During the next few articles, I will provide some of my Why’s for writing and publishing books. I hope they provide you the incentive you need to persevere or get started and Live Recession-Proof Now!

10 Benefits of Writing & Publishing your own Book!

  • Writing and Publishing a book is a great way to supplement your income!
  • Writing and Publishing a book is one of the easiest and best ways to sell your products & services!
  • Writing and Publishing a book provides Instant Credibility!
  • Writing and Publishing a book provides a Platform for speaking engagements.
  • Writing and Publishing a book positions you as an authority, leader or expert in your field or industry!
  • Writing and Publishing a book provides content for lectures and teaching opportunities!
  • Writing and Publishing a book provides material to create additional Products for additional revenue; i.e. Ebooks, Audio CD’s, DVD’s, Workshops, Workbooks, Tele-Classes, Radio Shows etc.
  • Writing and Publishing a book allows you to charge higher speaking fees! You’re an Author now!
  • Writing and Publishing a book provides content for coaching and consulting programs – another stream of income!
  • Writing and Publishing a book justifies higher coaching or consulting fees.

If I was to give this more thought, I am sure I could provide another 10 benefits. Hopefully, you will find an incentive here for you to continue reading.
If you are new to Book Writing or Publishing, here is a wealth of FREE information. A great place to get started!

So you want to write a book?



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