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A Woman of Strength & Endurance

A Woman of Strength & Endurance

Posted by admin | January 13, 2019 | FAMILY

This morning as I sit to write, it’s difficult to know where to begin. In the past 25 years, you have become the strongest person I know. THANK YOU!

As you know, one of my favorite verses in the Bible is found in Proverbs 24:10 which says, “If thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small.“

Though I have quoted this text many times, I never stopped to think about how the best example I know sleeps next to me every night. The woman that has given birth to 3 of our children. And during one of the most difficult periods of your life, your 4th battle with Cancer, you chose to adopt our 2 beautiful girls. This would mean that while you fighting to get well, you were laying down your life for Jasmine and Lily – THANK YOU!

Somehow, I have selfishly applied this text to myself and made it a sort of life verse that I need to live during hardship and difficulty. Though this is the main application, being self absorbed stopped me from seeing how this verse applied to you!

I thank God that this text has been a constant reminder that I can’t blame the overwhelming power of my circumstances for my fainting or quitting. That me choosing to give up or embrace the terminology of “I quit” is ,more of a revealer of my heart, than the heaviness of my trials. It shows that I am internally weak.

It never worked during my choice to embrace this verse has one of my favorites, they start to think OK if real thought to the reality that I have a living example of this verse, Right before my eyes. The woman that I’m growing to love more and more each day, continues to demonstrate and live the reality of Proverbs 24:10 daily! – Thank you.

It brings tears to my eyes as I think about the pain, grief and sadness you have experience in doored during the past 25 years. I’m amazed by your fortitude, strength and commitment to the Lord. I like anyone else I know, you have a problem and you do have continue to persevere, indoor, and hope things (first Corinthians 13:7), and yes, you have done it all without complaining. Thank you!

One year ago at the same TIME, you and I received some disappointing news about our finances. For a moment you expressed frustration and discouragement. But it but within minutes he declared, “I am not going to worry I’ll let this get me down.“ Well! Your words and resolve meant so much to me. For a moment, I was ready to embrace the disappointment and feel sorry for us and being in the self pity party! So I know, self-pity is never a good thing! But your resilience and bold declaration gave me the strength I needed to stay focused.

Even as I reflect on what happened I can’t believe how much is it energized me. Thank you!

As I lay in bed next to you this morning, my thoughts are the same as they were last year, “oh Jesus, help me to love your sister and the daughter of a father hello Jesus Christ, more and more each day. I want her to feel my love I know where her heart of hearts that there is no one on the thing in this life, that is more important to me and she is deaf and my commitment is to make her know that!“

Who would’ve thought that 25 years ago that you would like more but indoors so many things together. And August 20, 1984 wasted before God in the presence of friends and family and the Clary I love her each other. That was so much Youth and I have a team in our hearts. We have no way of knowing what we would face in the years to come. But we meant every word. The words of been tested, your willingness to Indore in beer culture has a stand or where it comes from and her family. Thank you! As we begin the new year I am great joy and peace in my heart knowing that the Lord is on his throne and that he is ordering your steps. I know that he has kept you alive all these years because of his purpose. I am so glad that you have completed your book and can’t wait for the world to read it!

During the earlier part of our marriage I felt that the Lord heals and preserved you because it was not good for me to be alone. So that is true, as I slow down life long enough to appreciate your value and the many gifts that God is deposited it in you, I’m convinced that he is healed because you’re due for his own glory!

I’m also convinced that there are a multitude of women and men that will be encouraged by your story. There are thousands of marriages that would be healed by your example. Children that will be saved by your prayers, expectations, and will the total be in heaven I love the promise to put it in life because of your life, testimony and example. Thank you!

I am assured that you will write me an able to travel the world sharing the story about the worst of you. And through you. Much of the things I’ve been taking for granted in the room. The response from mothers around to confirm that you are a woman Over to Dash called by God to do great things, for him!

This may sound as a surprise to you. But I never thought that your value and no it was limited to the Isaacs home. I believe you have much to give and share with the world. For 2019 I am believe in the Lord for you to continue to be the woman is made and called you to be. I woman of strength and virtue. I woman of great integrity. A limit of great wisdom. And then on matched self less Ness. Thank you! For being you!

Deborah, I am learning to embrace you and love you as you are. I know you are concerned time to time about your weight. Like many of us, you have insecurities. Please don’t allow the way you feel or the voice of the evil one, to determine will confirm how you feel about yourself how do you feel about how I see you. You are a beautiful woman. Please forgive me for anything I’ve said, done, or shown through my confidence, that may have caused you to feel less valuable, beautiful, Virtuous and/or perfect!

Honey, I love you just away you are.

As we approach this day, I am asking the Lord for Grace and wisdom to do what I can to make this one of the happiest days of your life. I am convinced that our best moments, hours, days, weeks, months, years and decades her head. I’m so glad that God‘s mercies are new every morning great is his faithfulness. Knowing these things, gives me hope for future does not have to be our past. I believe that nothing we have experienced or been through will be in vain, if we are able and willing to see things through the lens of God‘s love, grace and purposes!

Thank you for choosing to love me, despite all my sins, floors, falls, pride, selfishness, slot for me, plus, anger and ego! God demonstrated his love for us in that while we were yet sinners and enemies in our minds by wicked works, Chryssy Love and I for us. You have been a living example of Christ to me. Forgive me for taking you for granted. My prayer and desire is that I would be a better living example of what it means to lay down my life for you. For this is the greatest love. “Greater love hath no man than this, but a man lay down his life for his friends.“ – John 15:13

Last year this time I pick him my morning by praying and asking the Lord to give me the words to say to you when you’re 48/47 birthday. I can’t believe so much time is past. This is a new year, making you 48. We have seen many people go home to be with the Lord. We have seen friends fall away from God. We’ve seen marriages come to an end. We have witnessed children rebelling against their parents. We’ve experienced friends losing jobs around. We have watched friends become enemies or relationships are strained. It in the midst of all of these things, we are more than conquerors through Christ that I’m just a given so far off!

Let’s continue to pray for the salvation of our children!

My prayer for 2019 is that the Lord will make it clear to you and I that is changed the hearts of our five children. But he has made it clear to them that he has called them to do. I also pray that you and I will continue to grow in the love I also pray that you and I will continue to grow in the grace of God and learn how to love each other in every moment. I can’t wait to take back the years but the cankerworm has stolen.

Thank you for loving me so strongly and being a woman of strength. “As I reflect again on this The verse, “if you thing to the day of her city, your strength as well.“, I now see that your strength in Christ, is big!

Happy birthday 2019, to the woman of my life in my dreams. I can truly say this morning but I can’t imagine living a little woman or having another woman in my life. I am saddened and grieved that this is not always been the case. You cannot be replaced. Sadly is taken me many years to realize that :-). The Lord knew this all along. Though I was five hard to believe!

Today I pray that the Lord strengthens and keeps you on the straight and arrow path. May you find that his grace is more than sufficient to take you through every storm. That is trying to still made perfect in your weakness. Thank you for your love, example, humility, forgiveness and selflessness.

You are a woman of unbelievable strength, Colleen is in virtue. I can only pray that our children continue to show you but like they were dead, they believe all that I stated above.

I love you to pour. May today be a happy, happy, happy birthday!

Today will be the best birthday I have celebrated with you, these were to bring encouragement to yourself!

Updated 2019

Though this was written for your birthday in 2018, I feel just a strong about the words that I say above.

So I and I praying special prayer for you:

Heavenly father, I thank you for your grace and mercy towards us. I am grateful that you are the great I am. But there is not like you, and everything that you do! I think you that this morning.

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