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Eps #00002 – Motivation Vs Habit!

Eps #00002 – Motivation Vs Habit!

Posted by admin | January 3, 2019 | DAILY INSPIRATION


What do you think is more important? Being motivated or developing consistent habits?

You can find tons of information on and offline on how and why it is important for you to stay motivated. But for most of us,   motivation is not the challenge of everyday living, developing good habits is!

Motivation will come and go because of the many challenges in life. But if you develop the HABIT of discipline and  consistency, you will learn to persevere even in difficult times.

Take a few minutes to listen to my thoughts on a great quote by Jim Rohn “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what  keeps you going”

There are billions of people that start things that they never finish – EVERYDAY!

Habit is what keeps you going when you don’t feel motivated! It has been said that if you do anything from 21 – 30 days it becomes a habit. Is that really true?

This short audio will provide you 3 tips on how to develop a habit, to keep going, and confirm whether the 21 – 30 day challenge actually changes who and what you are!

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